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Ron Cottle, THE MAN


Dr. Ron and Mrs. Joanne Cottle

Dr. Ron Cottle is world renowned as an outstanding teacher and educator in the Christian community.  He received a diploma in Theology from Southeastern Bible Institute, Lakeland, Florida, a B.A. in English-Religion, Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida, the M-Div. from Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, Columbia, South Carolina, and the Ph. D. in Religion and the M.S.Ed. and Ed. D. in Higher Education from the University of Southern California.  Dr. Cottle is from Columbus, Georgia where he and Joanne, his wife of sixty-plus years are currently living.


A Lifetime of Scholarship and Teaching

Dr. Ron Cottle is the founder of the Christian Life School of Theology, a world-wide network of distance learning Bible schools, founder of Beacon University and former president of the Assemblies of God Graduate School in Springfield, Missouri. He has published over fifty books and numerous articles. His teaching style has been called "scholarship on fire" by those who have attended his lectures. His unique style always contains the compassion of a shepherd, the urgency of a prophet and the wisdom of a statesman. His thoughts and counsel are straightforward, dynamic and powerful. Dr. Cottle's  teachings will help today's spiritual leaders and other sincere "thinking Christians" to discover the mystery and the majesty of the Bible. 

Dr. Cottle teaching in his recording studio.

Conveying a 21st Century Legacy

In 2006, following nearly sixty years of apostolic teaching ministry to the body of Christ, Dr. Cottle began to focus on building his legacy. Every leader should spend the last twenty percent of his or her life working on their legacy! His dream is to bring the whole of his life curriculum together with "handles" for emerging Christian leaders to access. In 2017, Dr. Cottle reconnected with Thomas Hale, a spiritual son and apostolic multiplier. Together, they give their efforts to building and conveying Dr. Cottle's legacy to the world.  He continues to study and write on a daily basis from his home office and recording studio in Columbus, Georgia. 



Dr. John Kelly

Ron Cottle is an apostolic pioneer and patriarch, not only in the education of ministers, but also in the understanding and knowledge regarding the exercise and development of the gift of an apostle. 

International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders

Dr. Joseph Mattera

Dr. Ron Cottle is one of the great minds and leaders in the world today. His academic scholarship combined with years of experience make him an expert in ministry practice – especially in regards to the Apostolic movement.

US Coalition of Apostolic Leaders

Dr. Peter Wagner

Dr. Cottle's experience, learning, integrity, and creativity combine to make a compelling case and life changing experience in everything that he writes and teaches.

Apostolic Ambassador, Global Spheres

Dr. Dale Bronner

A teacher of teachers, Dr. Ron Cottle has greatly impacted my life.  A primary source of my Biblical education, he has  been a significant contributor to the success of my  teaching and preaching.

Word of Faith Church

Dr. Dick Iverson

Dr. Cottle's insights on the church in transition are very profound and will open your eyes to the changes that are taking place in Christendom.

Ministers Fellowship International

Dr. Lance Wallnau

Working on the right things is what matters most in our lives and Dr. Ron Cottle has merged his many years of insight and apostolic leadership into his writings. I highly recommend him!

President, Lance Learning Group

Legacy matters by dr. ron cottle

Legacy for me is a compilation of more than a half century of dedicated service to God and His people. It is the passing on of the teachings, the tools, and the treasures to those who will be Kingdom leaders for many years to come. I have labored in the Lord as a servant of the Lord and I sincerely believe that my legacy will continue for generations, should the Lord tarry.

Click image to read "Legacy Matters"
Click image to read "Legacy Matters"

DEDICATION and covenant

With great joy and thankfulness I present this website to Dr. Ron and Joanne Cottle and the world! It has been my honor and privilege to work with them to see these visions and dreams in their hearts come into reality.  Without doubt, their legacy will continue for generations after them because they live in me and Beth, their covenant sons and daughters, and thousands upon thousands of people around the world that their lives have touched. 

They will live on in the following generations because I, by the grace of God, will make sure of it. I can do nothing less than this, because the legacy of Dr. Ron Cottle is my legacy.

Dr. Thomas Hale, An Apostolic Multiplier

Click image for my Dr. Cottle story.
Click image for my Dr. Cottle story.