The Embassy Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ECAL) is an apostolic hub whose purpose is to connect and network apostles, apostolic houses, apostolic centers and other apostolic hubs. Embracing the apostolic movement, ECAL is committed to extending the reach of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by recognizing, raising up, releasing and resourcing apostolic leaders and their associates to use their gifts and talents to permeate their unique spheres (jurisdictions) of influence. We believe and understand that the apostolic role is as essential to the Church today as it was in the first century. Dr. Ron Cottle is the Convening Apostle of ECAL, Dr. Darrin Collins is the Vice President and Dr. Thomas Hale is the Secretary/Treasurer. 


The Embassy School of Leadership (ESOL) is an internet-based thesaurus (treasure house - Matthew 13:52) of Dr. Cottle’s life curriculum (personal study notes, fifty plus college courses, fifty plus books, hundreds of sermon and teaching outlines, audio and video recordings, etc.) available for a monthly or annual subscription. In the summer of 2017,  Dr. Cottle was reunited with his spiritual son, Thomas Hale, of Russellville, Arkansas. Working together, they are preserving the legacy of Dr. Cottle for the following generations and giving a valuable resource of “enrichment” to five-fold ministers, servant leaders and the emerging generations of Kingdom leaders in the 21st century.


The Embassy College (EC) is a developing internet-based school of “certified” Biblical training granting diplomas and degrees founded by Dr. Ron Cottle. Dr. Thomas Hale is the Academic Dean. Students may earn various Certificates and Diplomas, a Bachelor of Ministry, a Master of Ministry, a Master of Sacred Studies, and a Doctor of Sacred Studies. The Embassy College website is currently in beta form as the courses are being developed and our authorization is completing. The expected launch date is the summer of 2019.


our apostolic relationships


Dr. Cottle is a leading voice and key leader in the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders. This is the largest apostolic network in the world. Dr. John Kelly, a close friend of Dr. Cottle, is the Convening Apostle. Click the logo to visit the ICAL website and learn more.


The Embassy Coalition of Apostolic Leaders relates to the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders and its affiliate, the United States Coalition of Apostolic Leaders. 


USCAL is the United States coalition of apostolic leaders aligned with ICAL. Dr. Joseph Mattera is the Convening Apostle. Dr. Cottle actively relates to and participates in this organization. Click the logo to visit the USCAL website and learn more.

Legacy Matters by Dr. Ron Cottle

Once you recognize that legacy matters, it makes good sense to tend to the matters of legacy. What steps can you take so that your legacy will leave a significant footprint in the future? What towers of strength are you erecting that will stand as citadels of faith to a people not yet fulfilled in their walk with God?